ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Ecovacs Deebot Review will help you understand the features of this N795 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, this review will also help you decide whether you should go for it.

Ecovacs Deebot 1
Ecovacs Deebot 1

Make a list the best vacuum cleaners in the market. You will definitely have  Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the list, It has almost all features you will look for in a good, convenient and effective vacuum cleaner.

The new N795 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has Alexa compatibility. This enables you to control the functioning of the vacuum cleaner using your voice. Give commands to direct the cleaner to do what you want. You can use the Ecovacs  App, to customize the use of the cleaner by scheduling and monitoring cleaning sessions. You will also receive alerts about the status errors etc.

Ecovacs Deebot 2
Ecovacs Deebot 2

The 3 stage cleaning system is another amazing feature. This facilitates a highly efficient vacuum suction using the Max Mode Suction Power. The deep reach helix main brush and wide reach side brushes will ensure that the cleaning is thorough. You also have the options to choose between 4 modes –  auto clean, max suction, edge and spot cleaning modes.

Evacs Deebot 3
Evacs Deebot 3

The intelligent sensor safety technology in combination with the durable protective bumpers ensure protection against collision and dropping.

Other Advantages of Ecovacs Deebot

A battery life of 7 hours facilitating more than 100 minutes of quiet cleaning, a 1000 pa power max cleaning mode and air filtration  enable Ecovacs deboot to perform very efficiently and effectively.

This amazing machine measures 13.9” x 13.9” x 3.3” and weighs 7 pounds (9.9 pounds when packed for shipping), the Ecovacs Deboot is a master device in miniature.

Evacs Deebot 4
Evacs Deebot 4

Ecovacs Robotics is a brand trusted in more than 60 countries and more than 5 million units have been sold. This brand is the leader in using the latest technology.

The only negative things one can say about this wonderful machine is that it does not do mopping. And it needs to be maintained properly.

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