Welcome to Heads and Tails.

The objective of this website is to provide you with information that will be relevant, objective, useful  and valuable. There is an information overload in the internet. An average person will find it difficult to go through all the information that comes his way, sort it and evaluate it.

‘Heads and Tails’ will make life easy for you by taking up the difficult task of picking relevant and useful information from various sources, evaluating the information and presenting it to you in a simple and highly readable style.

The name ;Heads and Tails’ implies that we will not be showing only the visible side to the visitors but will explore things thoroughly staring from its head and going to its tail.  The name also implies that we will not stop with showing the good side of an issue but will also expose its ugly side, if it has one!

Head and Tail refers to two sides of a coin. . The website ‘Heads and Tails’ will present both the sides of an issue.

What are we going to talk about?

We will present information on and insight into physical and digital products including software. We will also present educative posts that may turn out to be eye-openers, for many visitors of this site.

We also plan to provide valuable training on a few critical area. This training will educate and empower you to take decisions and do things like an expert.

Look forward to many exciting posts that will make you come back to this site repeatedly.

I sign off with a message of greetings and good wishes.

P Rengaswami.

List of Posts

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We provide honest reviews about products, software applications and a lot of valuable information useful for internet users. We also provide practical training by outlining new methods and techniques for doing things.

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